I'm a little hesitant to give Jones elite props for any of his stats the last two years. He did it as a 22 & 23 year old in college. There are Pros doing it as 20-23 and making ProBowls. A guy like Aldon Smith tallied 14 & 19.5 sacks as a 22 & 23 year old in the NFL. I'm more impressed with a kid that comes in as an 18 year old true freshman or a 19 year old redshirt freshman and gives you three years of production. Add in the injury concern...I'm not crowning him a can't miss.

As a 20 year old true freshman (Which also draws concerns) he couldn't crack the starting line-up at USC. In '09 he went 13 tackles & 1.5 TFL with no sacks in 8 games before his injury. He couldn't beat on 19 year old freshman Nick Perry or Junior Eversen Griffin. Sits out '10 on transfer. Jones has two monsterous seasons at Georgia..There is no doubting that stats wise.

There are concerns for me beyond that as a 3-4 OLB at the next level. There are alot of Jones lovers in here & I will get grief for it. A healthy scratch at the combine wouldn't have bothered me.... But then you see why at his proday. Reports of poor work ethic. Some of the same people that soured on Moore because of his 40 are the same who look past Jones's 40, cone, and position workouts. I understand people have their favorites but you have to do your due diligence and go back now becasue you know what to look for. He isn't strong at the point of attack and isn't explosive in a short area changing direction. Doesn't show me long speed and isn't a sideline to sideline player from weak side. He has the size of a weak side but speed of strong side with lack of strength at point of attack. When he gets tied up with blockers he doesn't have the speed to recover. Because of his weaknesses shown and his limited growth potential...There is cause for concern.

Mike Mayock is one of the highly regarded draft guys. I will be fair to show I'm not bashing on Jones. Mayock has Patterson rated @ #30 now. He was high on Patterson and had him rated as the #1 WR & a top 15 prospect. He dropped him some because of the reports about Patterson's concerns of picking up an offense. I would tell you to bet on Mayock but I am my own person and do my own homework. I have been high on Patterson since Feb. and I won't change. I have seen enough on him on option routes & reading coverage to not worry about his football IQ. There have been elite talent coming out as of late that had the same concerns & low wonderlics and excelled in the NFL. I can't do my own interview and won't sway my judgement by reports that may be smoke. If I am wrong, it will be because of this. I said the only question was his football IQ from the beginning.

To tie Mayock in to Jones. Mayock has Jones rated as his 19th prospect. But he also has Jones as a 4-3 OLB because of the concerns listed above. May be too small and weak at the point of attack to be a 4-3 DE with limited growth potential. May be to heavy footed to place in space and set the edge against the run as a 3-4 OLB. Jones DOES show some great instincts to be around the ball and diagnose plays. If you cover him up, he could really excel. Again, his heavy feet may limit him from being inside in a 3-4 so hence the projection as a 4-3 OLB. May be a great SAM if covered up but may not have the foot speed to be a WIL. I'm still not sure he can't be a WIL because his instincts and recognition could compensate.

That all being said....If Jones is selected by the Steelers...I will pull for him like everyone else. As long as there is a Steeler helmet on a guy...He is OK by me. I would welcome him to prove me wrong.