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I like the thinking behind the pick, as Rhodes has game-changing ability (as opposed to say a Trufant, who at best is a solid Deshea Townsend type). I wouldn't say I hate it, but I do agree with Oviedo that it doesn't make sense within our scheme(s). Even in the Tampa-2 scheme that we fans incessantly predict Tomlin will switch to, we don't need overbearing corners like Rhodes. Both schemes simply require guys who can play strong zone defense. Even though I would be intrigued if he were available, I don't see the fit.
I agree it doesn't fit our system, but with the evolving offenses, you can barely get to a QB anymore. So the best bet may be to ruin a WR's route to make the QB hold the ball a second longer. As the game evolves it may be the only way to consistently get to a QB.