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Thread: My Draft Board

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    My Draft Board

    I have to admit, I haven't done my homework to much this year ,but my big board for the first round (guys I could see us taking and I am good with it) are as follows:

    X. Rhodes CB

    k. Vaccaro S

    B. Mingo ILB

    J Jones OLB

    Other possibilities;
    C. Warmack G

    Teo (trade down)
    E Reid (trade down)

    So who am I missing? That is one small board, Looks we will be trading back! Any other guys that can fall to us that is a stud that's not listed? Thanks

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    Thanks for the effort, but hate Rhodes and Vacarro in Round 1.

    Could live with Mingo or Jones but IMO there is high "bust" potentoial for both.

    Warmack would be great.

    No to T'eo or Reid. Neither is 1st Round talent.

    A trade back for more picks would be perfect this year.


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