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Not sure this makes your case.

Cowher left a much better team. Ben, Heath, Hines, Santonio, Faneca, Smith, Starks, Casey, Aaron, Brett, Hokie, Porter, Harrison, Farrior, Foote, Troy, Clark, Ike, FWP

In fact, Tomlin quickly won a SuperBowl with the key holdovers and put together one of the best defensive performances in NFL history with these leftovers.

Steelers history in its entirety reminds us that QB + Defense = Championships. Noll had it in the 70s. Cowher had it at the end of his career. Tomlin had it at the beginning of his tenure. But Noll did not hand off this formula to Cowher.
Smith , Porter and Aaron combined probably played 10 games total. Is this the same Foote that the Lions didn't want. Or the same Starks that haven't been resigned twice that plays a prestine position but yet no other team sign. Ok