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Thread: At this point, the one potential 1st round player I don't want drafted is...

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    Mingo-even with great talent around him, he didn't produce much at all.

    Vaccaro-overrated. he makes an art out of whiffing.
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    I know this is more than one but...

    Austin, Mingo, Patterson and Vaccaro.

    I think Mingo is a better athlete than football player.

    Patterson is not proven enough IMO and he catches the ball with his body the majority of the time.

    This is a deep safety draft and I don't see Vacarro being that much better to warrant such a higher pick compared to the others.

    I want a wide out compared to a slot receiver. Austin is a weapon.. no doubt about it and he could create various match up problems but I really think we need a outside receiver.

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    I can only pick one?

    It would be Jones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BradshawsHairdresser View Post
    Interesting....Is there any indication at all that Miami would be willing to make that deal?
    Not that I know of, but I do know they have the following picks, 1.12, 2.42, 2.54, 3.77, 3.82, 4.111 and 5.146 and they signed Mike Wallace, so to me it looks like they're trying to make a splash. With picks 1.12 and 1.17, plus premium picks 3.77 and 3.82 and Wallace they could really get the fan base excited. I just think at this point the Dolphins are looking to really be a force in this draft, 2 first round picks and 2 third round picks, plus Wallace could do the trick. The Steelers get what many believe would be the best scenario and that is a lot of picks in the second and third rounds where the talent isn't that different from the talent at the mid-first and later.


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    Quote Originally Posted by D Rock View Post
    Everyone feel free to fill in the rest of that sentence.

    For me....

    Cordarelle Patterson.

    Body catches just about everything, and put up all his stats against the worst teams. Also had top notch guys around him to draw other coverage, making those poor games look even worse.


    I see no reason why this guy is considered a 1st round player, much less a top 20 guy.
    Sounds EXACTLY LIKE .......Lynn Swann

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Lemming View Post
    Sounds EXACTLY LIKE .......Lynn Swann
    Swannie wasn't a top 20 guy...he was drafted with the 21st overall pick.

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    Patterson probably tops the list for me, followed closely by Lacy. Was not a fan of Patterson initially, and the article below makes me like the pick even less:


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    I know no one seems to like Patterson, but I saw him play against NC State and he couldn't be covered. He took one of the best corners in the draft to school. I have no idea how good he'll be. But his potential is thru the roof. I bet Tomlin loves him.

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    Patterson scores an 11 & Autin scores a 7 on Wonderlic.

    BTW...Past Wonderlic scores the article left out:
    Morris Claiborne 4
    AJ Green 10
    Patrick Peterson 9
    Frank Gore 6
    Chris Johnson 10
    Hakeem Nicks 11
    Randy Moss 12
    Percy Harvin 12
    Ray Lewis 13

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
    Swannie wasn't a top 20 guy...he was drafted with the 21st overall pick.

    Had we had the 17th pick we COULD HAVE PICKED Fred McNeill al LBer saving us both the mistake of picking Swann and the 2nd round blunder of being forced to go LBer (Jack Lambert) in round 2.


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