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Thread: At this point, the one potential 1st round player I don't want drafted is...

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    At this point, the one potential 1st round player I don't want drafted is...

    Everyone feel free to fill in the rest of that sentence.

    For me....

    Cordarelle Patterson.

    Body catches just about everything, and put up all his stats against the worst teams. Also had top notch guys around him to draw other coverage, making those poor games look even worse.

    I see no reason why this guy is considered a 1st round player, much less a top 20 guy.

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    I agree. I also would not condone Lacey for those considering it.

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    For me:

    Tyler Eifert


    Cordorelle Patterson


    Man-Ti Tao

    Please do not draft any of the above mentioned in the first round.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Pittsburgh View Post
    I agree. I also would not condone Lacey for those considering it.
    I guess I would say Lacy.

    BUT... at this point, if they honestly took Eddie Lacy, I think I would convince myself and eventually learn to love it (i.e. hype him incessantly to my non-Steeler friends) and here's why: EVERYONE and their mother knows that RBs are $.10/dozen. So if the FO chose to take him, it would lead me to think that he is something very special--worthy to spend a 1st on when we can get value way down the board. It would say to me that they think the guy is a (e.g.) young Emmitt Smith or something.

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    Mendenhall was abused by fans for his reliance on the spin move...he became Spindenhall. Well, Lacy uses the spin move more than Mendenhall ever did. I think he's more in the Mark Ingram mold of benefitting from a dominant Bama OL in college (but then behind Sproles, Thomas, and Ivory in the pros), than a special back in his own right like Trent Richardson.
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    Honey Badger or Tavon or any other talented midget

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    I'm open to anyone, but I would prefer to stay away from the OG, ILB, DB, OT, and WR positions. I'm hoping for Jones or Vacarro.
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    The best safety on the board, because of need, and to keep him out of Baltimore.

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    Chadman is pretty sure he'll find the good in just about whoever the Steelers pick.

    that said, it'll be harder to find the positives if the Steelers draft..

    Tyler Eifert, Eddie Lacy or Keenan Allen.

    Not sure any of these guys are 'special'.
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    I hope we stay away from Jones.


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