1. Tyler Eifert - TE - ND - 6'6" - 250lbs - Red Zone production. Offense needs to score. Tyler immediately fixes this issue. Pair him up with Plax in the Red Zone and we've created matchup nightmares immediately. Gets even better once Heath is 100%.

2. Keenan Allen - WR - Cal - 6'2" - 206lbs - Let's get Ben a big physical target in the passing game. I considered Woods here too, but give Allen the slight edge because of his size.

3. David Amerson - CB/FS - NC State - 6'1 - 205lbs - No change from 1.0

4. Shmarko Thomas - SS - Syracuse - 5'9 - 215lbs - No change from 1.0

5. Marcus Lattimore - RB - 5'11" - 221lbs - No change from 1.0

6. Mike Mauti - ILB - 6'2" - 243lbs - Kid's a china doll, but lets roll the dice. Foote can hold down the fort for another couple years and we can see if we get a healthy Mauti or Spence going into next year or have to go get another LB next year. I like this kid's character.

6. Brad Wing - P - LSU - No change from 1.0

7. Brandon Kaufmann - WR - Eastern Washington - 6'5" - 216 - This kid is a baller who will upgrade our RZ Offense. He can go up and get any and everything. He's a TD machine that will give the Steelers everything they could get out of a Tyler Eifert as a WR.

Overall, I'd like to trade down and pick up a few more picks. I also think we can do some more damaget via UDFAs and would be surprised if we find 4-5 that make the team this year.