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I wouldn't care if we traded UP and grabbed Warmack or Lane Johnson to solidify the OL. I have ZERO faith in Gilbert. Lane Johnson would start day one at LT.
I don't agree with your sentiment that our defense sucked all year until Harrison emerged the final month. We played well the final month, but played well most the season other than the two games early.
And who was out for those "two games early"? Harrison.
I am not talking about the last month only. I am talking about the entire season minus the first month when JH was out.

Harrison missed three games and we got torched in 2 of those games. Two out of three giving up 30 plus. Happened ONCE more the rest of the season.

The difference in our defense began before he began getting sacks, which is all people see.
Harrison is the best 3/4 OLBer against the run in the AFC BY FAR.

Our defense made the stinkin RAIDERS look like worldbeaters w/o Harrison.