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Thread: Foco's Mock

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    Best mock I have seen to date. Very well thought out. For me it would be a real tough choice between Hopkins and Patterson in Round 1. I don't think we go wrong with either or Eifert. I want a pass catcher in Round 1 and what "flavor" doesn't concern me as much as getting a good one.
    Completely agree, I would favor a WR over a TE. I don't believe we have a true #1 WR on the roster right now. Hopkins wins over Patterson for me because he doesn't body catch as much.
    1. CB Marcus Peters Washington 6/190
    2. OG Josue Matias Florida State 6-6/320
    3. OLB Geneo Grissom Oklahoma 6-4/250
    4. DL Ellis McCarthy UCLA 6-5/330
    5. TE Jeff Heurman Ohio State 6-5/255
    6. FS Adrian Amos Penn State 6/200
    7. DT Terry Williams East Carolina 6-1/340

    DB Justin Cox Mississippi St. 6-2/190
    OLB Davis Tull Chattanooga 6-2/242

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelerkeylargo View Post
    Multiple scouts say he has major character concerns.
    What is the source of his character issues? All I could find is his '10 suspension (where an unnamed talent guy called him a trainwreck), but no light on why he was suspended. I mean... I would personally differentiate between a Honey Badger trainwreck (can't stop smoking dope), vs. a Jerramy Stevens type trainwreck (a borderline sociopath & rapist).

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    i like this mock better than mine!


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