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I doubt that any of the NFL teams take a RB in round 1 this year, so Lacy at #17 would be a big ol' reach.

And NFL teams aren't just going to take Dr. Bingham's word for it. You can be sure that our team neurosurgeon, Dr. Maroon gave Jones a thorough evaluation when he came to visit our south side HQ. If he is fine with what he sees, then Jones would be a legit possibility...if not, then he won't be a Steeler. It's that simple.
From what I read, Jones was prematurely diagnosed with spinal stenosis after a spinal contusion produced swelling. As the swelling resolved, and Jones was re-evaluated the diagnosis of spinal stenosis was deemed incorrect. Not, sure how much of that is smoke and mirrors but it makes sense to me...especially considering his very high level of play.