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While I get your point I agree with Flippy and Ovi on this DESPITE being one of the most vocal JH backers here.
Now that he is gone, "I hope" he is indeed washed up as a player, because it confirms the team's choice.

The better he plays the worse I will feel that the team let him go.

JH "says" he feels as good as he did since 2009. I hope this is not true.
Two bad games versus us is just part of it for me.
I will be sick if this guy makes the probowl as a Bengal, especially if our defense declines (as I expect it will).

I dont hate JH, or resent him, I just will feel better knowing the team made the right choices.

My POV here would be vindicated if he dominates as a Bengal, but I hope I am wrong.
The "lemming, I mean letting go" was not a talent eval on the part of the organization, it was pure economics. The team made an offer that they felt they could make work economically and James rejected. He left the team, that has to worry about 53 salaries, no choice.

Don't hate Harrison but don't respect that he went to a Divsion foe. I won't root for him to be successful at anything as a football player going forward.