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I picked Minter, but I'd go 50/50 on him or Allen.

I kinda like Bernard. He's a big little dude that jittery quick.

I also like Banks, but think it would take time for him to contribute in our D. He's gotta add some size, he's lanky. But if he did, he's got some nice frame and athleticism. I think Carnell might be able to do wonders with this kid and he'd have a year to learn behind Ike. And like Amerson who I also really like, I think you might be able to use Banks at S as well because he can play the ball.
Flippy, you been reading my notes again... quit peeking over my shoulder!

Scary thing is i'm convinced the team would take Hankins if this was what was available.. that's the trouble with mocks... there's a "what would you take" vs "what do you think THEY will take" debate to be had...