It's less than a week away but it seems like the draft is never gonna get here.

I think I'm getting mocked out and highlight reel hypnotized this year. I'm not sure there isn't a play I haven't watched. I feel like I've watched every scrub UDFA on the planet this year. Yet somehow the Steelers will pick someone that completely surprised me. Probably by round 2. Maybe even round 1 the way Colbet and co have been drafting recently.

I've been having some weird dreams lately. I read an updated Kiper mock in my dream last night and we got 1. Tim Worley, 2. Limas Sweed, and 3. Trai Essex.

This whole offseason is surreal. It's like we're desperate going into the draft. And we need help in some areas so bad, I'm afraid of reach city. And being sold on Trai Essex rating out as a 1st round talent.

Maybe we'll luck out and get another Matt Spaeth instead? It was just a dream afterall.