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7-9 that's my prediction, definitely a rebuilding year regardless of what Colbert is telling us. The bad news is the following year will be rebuilding as well as the Steelers say good bye to Keisel, Taylor, Clark and Polamalu in all likelihood. It could be a rough few years for the fans.


As long as Ben is upright and healthy this team can win any game it plays. The 2009 December 37 - 36 shootout with Green Bay where BBR threw for 509 and outdeueled Rodgers is exhibit A. As fans, I think we tend to fall into the same trap as every talking head on every TV network that does a pre - season prediction special, in that we think that past performances are absolutely predictive of future results. The team played terrible football in September and down the stretch last year. If that team shows up this year, I think 7 - 9 is generous. They played like a Super Bowl contender on the mid season win streak... if that team shows up in December and January this year, we go deep into the playoffs.