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This has to put the Steelers perilously close to the cap. I suppose that a lot of the cap impact will be based on the incentives - the blurbs I saw had a max payout of $7.25 million, so it's possible that the guarantees are lower.

New deals for Sanders and McLendon likely means that Ahmad Bradshaw is likely out of the picture.

The $5 million that we gain from Colon in June is already earmarked for us to sign our draft picks.

Maybe the Packers weren't interested in McLendon at all. Maybe they wanted Bradshaw for themselves and saw us as their biggest competition for his services. Knowing that we were counting on McLendon to start (and seeing how we responded to Sanders & New England), maybe they showed interest in McLendon just so we would use up whatever remaining cap space we had, leaving Bradshaw to go cheese coutry. Pretty diabolical little theory, if true.