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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    Every projection I've seen from the "so-called" draft experts have Eifert as high as #15 and as low as #20. So what do you base your assessemnt on that #25 is just right other than personal preference?

    Who is the perfect #17 pick that meets all the criteria for using that number pick?
    Tried to explain below O. Weak 1st round. I don't think Eifert is a 1st rounder with other TEs in this draft. With the weak talent at the Top, Eifert will be a 1st rounder. Do I think Eifert will go in this draft in the Top 20? There is a very good chance he does. If I have to take him, give me a 3rd with him and I would be very happy. That is why I said 25th. If we trade back & miss on him....There is a whole hell of alot of guys I would be happy with because the added value of a 3rd makes it a good deal. However, saying that....If the Steelers can't get out of #17...His position gives him more value IMO than a Jones or Vacarro. There are alot clumped together based on grades.

    I will try to explain my board. Assuming the Top 3 LTs are gone, Miliner gone, Warmack gone, and Jordan, Ansah, & Mingo all off the board. I will put my targets and then my trade back line. If a trade can't be done then preference in that order. My trade back line represents my grade drop off.

    1. Patterson WR
    2. Rhodes CB
    3. Austin WR
    4. Cooper OG
    5. Eifert TE
    6. Vacarro S
    7. Trufant CB
    8. Jones OLB

    I'm pretty confident the Steelers pick @ #17 is on that list of 8 if the others are gone.
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    1.Evans / LVE ILB
    2.Bates / Edmunds S
    3.Washington / Pettis WR
    5.Ballage RB
    5.Hill / Norton / Nnadi NT
    7.Henderson WR
    7.Gilmore DE

    ILBs Off Board:
    1.Reid S
    2.Jefferson ILB
    3.Washington / Pettis WR
    5.Ballage RB
    5.Hill / Norton / Nnadi NT
    7.Henderson WR
    7.Gilmore DE

    ILBs & Reid Gone:BPA
    1.Guice RB
    2.Jefferson ILB
    3.Allen / Moore S
    5.James / Watson WR
    5..Hill / Norton / Nnadi NT
    7.Henderson WR
    7.Gilmore DE


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