To me the question is what is the marginal increase at TE compared to other positions. That goes for other positions as well. It seems that our positions of need this year are also those that are considered deep. So I guess my greatest consideration for round one is this - how much better is the guy we are drafting than the player at the same position that we can get in round two?

Consider our needs, and a random possible sampling of players available:

WR - round 1 - Patterson, Austin, Hopkins, Allen
round 2 - Hunter, Woods, Patton, Wheaton, Williams
round 3 - Bailey, Hopkins

TE - round 1 - Eifert
round 2 - Ertz
round 3 - Escobar, McDonald, Kelce

OG/OT - round 1 - Cooper, Warmack, Watson, Fluker
round 2 - Pugh, Long, Armstead, Warford

pass rusher - round 1 - Jones, Werner
round 2 - Damontre Moore, Jamie Collins
round 3 - Sio Moore, Lemonier

ILB - round 1 - T'eo, Minter, Ogletree
round 2 - Brown, Bostic, Alonso

CB - round 1 -Rhodes, Trufant
round 2 - Alford, Hayden, Banks
round 3 - Amerson, Wreh-Wilson, Slay

S - round 1 - Vaccarro, Elam
round 2 - Reid, Cyprien
round 3 - Swearinger, Thomas, Thomas, Wolff

NT - at least one of Jenkins, Williams, Hankins should be around in the second

So where does this get us? Confused

I think the only thing that I can see for sure is that if we are legitimately going after a NT then we should take him in the second.