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You obviously understand this is a "pass first" league now and not the NFL of the 1970s. Tight Ends are receivers first and blockers second in terms of the value of the skills. I'll give up some blocking and take an exceptional receiver everyday and twice on game day Sundays.

Plus he would contribute Year 1 ( and every year after that) which is importnat for a Round 1 draft pick.
You obviously don't seem to understand that any player in the NFL needs a minimally acceptable level of blocking to get onto the field. Look at how many RBs throughout the league don't get on the field because they can't block. From what I've seen, Eifert's run blocking and pass blocking both look pretty terrible.

He has very good receiving skills, but if he cannot block anybody, he won't see the field as a starter. He'd really need to convert if you want him to fill in for Heath as a traditional TE, and we all know that you abhor conversions.