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Or you go to an Off Coord who isn't your buddy and lets you know that you need to perform to a higher standard than you have been and he isn't going to kiss your backside. We all believe that the offense underachieved under Arians and I'm sure the pressure in on from haley.

I don't see Haley letting the players sit in a comfoort zone and there are mariginal player like Redman I'm sure he let know that they were replaceable. Sometimes in life the teacher you hated the most in school is the one who prepared you best for life and success.
that's bullchit... you say that now but if players keep leaving and production keeps suffering under Haley I think you will change your tune. Whether you want to admit it or not an OC needs to win players over.

This isn't a movie... Haley needs to show me he can win players over talented players.