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    Quote Originally Posted by steeler_fan_in_t.o. View Post
    That's how the Steelers ended the dynasty of the '70s. They rode out their stars until there was nothing left instead of slowly moving them along little by little and replenishing before waiting until the cupboard was bare.

    As a direct result, we had the Steelers of the '80s. Sometimes you have to make the decision to move players along a season or two too early rather than risk waiting a season or two too late.
    NICE REVISIONIST HISTORY.....Not true though. Franco for example:

    Sydney Thorton drafted 2nd round
    Russel Davis drafted 4th round
    Greg Hawthorne drafted first round
    And Walter Abercrobie FIRST ROUND NUMBER 12 overall 82 draft

    We tried to draft Francos heir without success FOR YEARS before he was done.

    Problem was not hanging on too long, it was drafting the WRONG players to replace them.

    Had we drafted Sammy Winder or even better Gerald Riggs instead of Abercrombie, whole different story
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