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No, it may be better to have the services of both Sanders and a rookie this season, and given the WR depth may get the equivalent of Sanders a round later than he was picked. That was the point of my post.
I honestly don't believe Sanders will have the luxury of taking the season cautious because he doesnt have the stats to command the big payday without a blockbuster season.
For this season, yes, I agree that it is better to have Sanders. Sanders is a better weapon than Burress or Cotchery and will likely perform better than a rookie picked this year.

But, even if the Steelers draft a WR this year, they will need to draft another WR or sign a free agent in 2014, assuming that Sanders leaves. And while he makes the team marginally better this year, I don't see him as a difference maker. If Sanders left, the Steelers could have drafted 2 WRs this year and been set moving forward. Instead of using picks in the first three rounds to attempt to replace and maintain the status quo, they could look to improve.