But in my mind it's all for naught until we check priority #1 off the list - dong what is needed to absolutely keep Ben upright this year.

To my simple point of view it means an OL that is more than minimally functional. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be where we are, based on last year, and the years before that. Less simplistically, maybe it means play calls where for any given OL configuration it's less likely for Ben to be hit (more roll outs, more play action, I don't exactly know what it will take). But through some combination of FA, drafting, play calling, strength training, coaching ... anything and everything! ... we need to keep Ben in the huddle and off the bench as much as possible.

If Ben is upright - we can win the SB. If he's not - we can't, doesn't matter how good our CBs or OLBs or NTs are.

Just my 2c!