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Thread: Deebo Conspiracy Theory

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    Sorry to rrepeat your post. Didn't see it and the Bumgals aren't switching. Harrison will be a square peg getting put into a a round hole. Thirty other teams got it right. Because he signs with the Bumgals doesn't mean those other thirty teams are wrong regardless of what the man love emotion leads many to believe.BTW, your Plan B draft is a good one.
    No need to appologize....I thought you were just reiterating what some posters were saying & I was one. It didn't make sense because of the 4-3 but if the Bengals are the only team willing to give Harrison a contract...I guess he will take it. Harrison will give them "info" that may or may not be helpful in game plans. He may have a great game left in him that he will save for the Steelers. He didn't scare any team the Steelers played last year & I don't feel threatened as a fan going up against him.

    He was a favorite of mine and I don't blame him for wanting to play again but the Steelers got it right if he didn't want to take a pay cut. Steelers stay true to their "Business First" and some fans will let their hearts speak. In a perfect "Steeler" world Harrison retires a Steeler. In reality, Harrison will put on different colors to stay on the "grid" for another year or two and do nothing to better or hurt his career. I'm looking forward to the day when both put their pride aside and he comes back & retires as a Steeler where he belongs. He deserves to have the Steeler Nation send him off.
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    I really thought NO would have been a better fit for him as it was my understanding that they are moving to a 3/4 and could have used a vet like him to help them get established. Of course, that also would have meant that he was kept far away from the AFCN and could spend his time terrorizing the likes of Matt Ryan. Either way, I don't see any conspiracy here. Just a proud guy who thinks he has more to give than apparently everyone else does. I've seen it in the ring a lot. Of course, Evander Holyfield and Bernard Hopkins whipped on a lot of guys who thought he was too old to compete for a long time.

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    Cincy's Carlos Dunlap said that Harrison "hates the Steelers now, and that's somebody we need on our side of the football." I wonder if this is true.
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