So we know the Steelers seem to be cleaning out many of the "problem" players from Wally to Mendy to Keenan, etc. Whatever rumor you want to believe about those guys, so be it.

Curious if anyone thinks we cut James salary on purpose knowing he wouldn't accept the deal because the team viewed him as a "problem". That way, the Steelers appease Goodell and get back in the good graces of the NFL by cutting ties, yet keep the fans and coaches happy by shopping this to the media as a financial move.

Is James really helping out the Steelers making comments like he wouldn't pee out the commish if he were on fire? Is it really the Steelers way to just keep hitting guys how you want to hit them without remorse?

It's clear for all of us to see, he was our best defender the second half of last season while he was getting healthy. So long as there's no health issue we don't know about, there's no reason he couldn't be back to being DMVP next year. Yet we cut him. WTF? There's gotta be more to it.

This feels like some backdoor agreement between the Steelers and the league. But why? Hopefully it'll help us get #7 at least. Maybe we'll start to get better officiating?