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Gotta admit that I was surprised by the Khaseem Greene pick to the Steelers in round 2 (although he could be the next in line of Greene's on our defense following Joe and Kevin). Not that I dislike the player or don't feel that he'd be a fit on this team, but with all of the other options that are available (as I listed in my round 2 poll thread), Greene didn't even make my top 10 options available for us there.

If we wanted to go with the OLB-ILB combo in the first two rounds after taking Jarvis Jones in round 1, I don't know how they pass up Minter or Te'o for Greene here (Minter was the one guy who was rock-solid-consistent this year on an LSU defense that is packed with potential superstar types, and Te'o would bring tremendous value here in round 2, since he is still a tackling machine and a leader, in spite of the catfish scheme and subpar workouts).

With Wallace gone, they could have gone with a Hines Ward type of wideout (sure-handed, tough, great route runner) who is surprisingly still available in round 2 (his numbers dropped this year because his brother sucks as a QB and his 40 time suffered because he is not 100% back from his injury and wasn't able to train for these workouts for months like other prospects due to his rehab).

With Mendenhall gone, they could take a dynamic RB like Bernard or Franklin...compact, shifty RB's who can also catch the ball out of the backfield and should benefit from a zone blocking scheme (like a Ray Rice or Shady McCoy type).

With Lewis gone, they could take a future replacement for Ike opposite Cortez, such as a big CB like Banks or a medical miracle in Hayden.

With Casey gone and Ta'Amu's future questionnable, they could take a potential 1st round NT prospect in Hankins here in the middle of round 2.

With Starks gone and Gilbert a questionable fit in a zone blocking scheme, they could take a solid LT prospect in Watson.

With Troy and Clark getting up there in age and no depth whatsoever behind them with Allen and Mundy now elsewhere, they could have drafted a very solid safety value in round 2 with the talented Eric Reid.

Just surprised to see the Greene pick with all of those guys just mentioned still available to us in round 2 (goes to show that in spite of it not necessarily being a strong draft at the top, it appears to be a remarkably deep draft, so we should be able to get a couple of excellent prospects on Friday night as well as Thursday night). Looking forward to the real thing, now less than a week away.
Yeah, it was tough sticking to my board on that one. But, he fits the new mold linebacker that the Steelers seem to favor now. He is much more sudden and athletic than Minter and Te'o. He is probably not as stout (yet), but he played outside linebacker mostly at Rutgers. He covered lots of receivers and TEs in space, and he is a big hitter. I know he ran a 4.7 at the combine. But, I think that was not indicative of just how fast he is on the field. He was the best defender on a poor defense. His play inspired that unit and made them competitive. He did this without real NFL talent around him. I'm very high on him.

I was tempted to go WR as well.