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Thread: Annual PlanetSteelers Board Mock Draft (official selection thread)

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    With their third round pick, the San Francisco 49ers select: Travis Kelce, TE; Cincinatti.

    While Davis is still playing like an elite (even though quiet the past two seasons), the 49ers have decided to go with Kelce as their pick. Kelce, who is rated the fifth best tight end of this draft is a steal as he was rated a high second round grade until violating team rules. Kelce will play special teams and take some snaps for when Davis is taking a breather. Could be the next Gronk.

    STRENGTHS Kelce has an ideal tight end frame. Athletic for his size, with great strength, and the ability to stretch the field vertically. Very physical run blocker, generates power from the lower half, and will move defenders off the ball. Plays with leverage. Wide catching radius, can adjust and make the difficult catch. Tough to bring down after the catch. Light feet, and has lined up in numerous different positions.

    WEAKNESSES Suspended for an entire season for violating team rules. Only one season of production. Doesn't have blazing speed. Not a tremendously explosive athlete. Doesn't come out of his breaks all that well.

    NFL COMPARISON Rob Gronkowski

    BOTTOM LINE Kelce has been a tremendous run blocker throughout his career for the Bearcats, but really elevated his game as a receiver in his senior season. He isn't a tremendous athlete, but he does a lot of things very well. It's a deep tight end class, but Kelce's play suggests that he should be highly sought after.
    2018 Steelers draft picks
    RD1- Terrell Edmunds, S; Virginia Tech
    RD2- James Washington, WR; Oklahoma State
    RD3a- Mason Rudolph, QB; Oklahoma State
    RD3b- Chukwuma Okorafor, OT; Western Michigan
    RD5a- Marcus Allen, S; Penn State
    RD5b- Jaylen Samuels, RB; NC State
    RD7- Josh Frazier, DT; Alabama

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    The New Orleans Saints took Ziggy Ansah in round 1 to address deficiencies in their defensive front 7, and now they look to address deficiencies in their defensive backfield as well (after not having a second round pick due to the Bountygate Scandal).

    The New Orleans Saints are proud to select:

    South Carolina S D.J. Swearinger

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    The San Diego Chargers used their first two selections to address their putrid OL by adding OT Lane Johnson and OG Larry Warford. Now it's time to address the defense. They drafted Melvin Ingram high last year to be one pass rushing OLB in their 3-4, but they could use someone else opposite him. Shaun Phillips is a free agent who wasn't re-signed, Jarrett Johnson is the current starter but he is a journeyman-type entering his 11th season in the NFL, and Larry English is a pretty much a bust at this point.

    The San Diego Chargers are proud to select:

    Southern Mississippi LB Jamie Collins

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    The St Louis Rams are sitting at the podium with the commish....waiting....If RB was picking, I'm sure I'd need to come up with a new player in 2 minutes

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    [URL=" nid=0EGQR-wXhbworM:&ved=0CAgQjRwwAA&"][/URL]

    Fisher and Bradford are at each other's throats today over this silly little mock draft. Apparently Sammy's pretty miffed he didn't get a WR and Jeff is all like, "I got you the big target in the passing game you wanted with our first pick". And Sammy's a little upset that Fisher went all D after that when clearly he's been a QB without weapons for far too long.

    Fellas, let's relax a little here. And no Sammy, Amerson is not making the switch to WR just cause you say you want him to. The self proclaimed best WR in the draft is still on the board. Austin (tiny), Patterson (unknown), Allen (druggie), etc, etc. They all have issues.

    Not this kid. He's got the size, the speed, the athleticism, and the production. He calls himself the best blocking WR. The hardest working WR. And yeah, just the best WR period in the whole draft.

    The St Louis Rams Select, Quinton Patton - WR - Louisiana Tech

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    The Pittsburgh Steelers select LeVeon Bell RB Michigan State.
    Even if Bill Belichick was getting an atomic wedgie, his face would look exactly the same.

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    The Miami now leapfrogged twice, I'll go ahead a make a pick for them. They got a pass rusher in round 1 with Werner, and a RB and CB in round 2 with Lacy and Hayden. One thing they didn't get was a tackle, with Jake Long having moved on to St. Louis. The Dolphins may solve this problem by trading one of those 2nd round picks for Brandon Albert, but as of right now, they have not done so yet.

    The Miami Dolphins are proud to select:

    Colorado OT David Bakhtiari

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    The Dallas Cowboys addressed their putrid interior OL by drafting OG Jonathan Cooper in round 1, and then added to their secondary by drafting S Matt Elam in round 2. Their interior OL was so bad, though, that multiple picks could realistically be added. With Cooper a starting guard from day one, now they are looking for an interior o-lineman with some ability to play center, since at one point last year, Dallas was down to their 4th or 5th string center, signing guys off the street and playing them a few days later.

    The Dallas Cowboys are proud to select:

    Alabama C/G Barrett Jones

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    The New York Giants addressed their OL in round 1 with Fluker and their LB corps in round 2 with Minter. Their next biggest need is in the secondary, even though they brought back Aaron Ross. There is a corner available who played locally in Jersey.

    The New York Giants are proud to select:

    Rutgers CB Logan Ryan

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    The Miami Dolphins select:

    Gavin Escobar TE San Diego St.

    Gavin earned all- confernece honors for 3 years in a row. At 6'6" and 255lbs, he will fit in nicely with the Dolphins offense.
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