With their third round pick, the San Francisco 49ers select: Travis Kelce, TE; Cincinatti.

While Davis is still playing like an elite (even though quiet the past two seasons), the 49ers have decided to go with Kelce as their pick. Kelce, who is rated the fifth best tight end of this draft is a steal as he was rated a high second round grade until violating team rules. Kelce will play special teams and take some snaps for when Davis is taking a breather. Could be the next Gronk.

STRENGTHS Kelce has an ideal tight end frame. Athletic for his size, with great strength, and the ability to stretch the field vertically. Very physical run blocker, generates power from the lower half, and will move defenders off the ball. Plays with leverage. Wide catching radius, can adjust and make the difficult catch. Tough to bring down after the catch. Light feet, and has lined up in numerous different positions.

WEAKNESSES Suspended for an entire season for violating team rules. Only one season of production. Doesn't have blazing speed. Not a tremendously explosive athlete. Doesn't come out of his breaks all that well.


BOTTOM LINE Kelce has been a tremendous run blocker throughout his career for the Bearcats, but really elevated his game as a receiver in his senior season. He isn't a tremendous athlete, but he does a lot of things very well. It's a deep tight end class, but Kelce's play suggests that he should be highly sought after.