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Thread: Steelers match patriots offer sheet

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    What Sanders signing also means is- the Steelers have $750k to sign Ahmad Bradshaw with.

    Or, in other words- they have no chance of signing Ahmad Bradshaw.

    Unless they extend someone.

    Called Polamalu. Or Taylor. Or Miller.

    But more likely- they have no chance of signing Bradshaw.
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    The Steelers don't seem to care what Ben or Tomlin have to say. I think II tells Colbert what to do and he does it.

    So I see 3 possible scenarios here:

    1. II liked Sanders

    2. Dan intervened

    3. Haley wanted him and Haley might be getting some say since he's now Ben's handler in this circus.

    In general, I don't think it's fair to compare Manny to Wally or Brown for that manner. If you watch the WRs closely on every play, there's one guy out there that works with or without the ball and it's Manny. Does he want money? Sure, they all do. But he a different kind of kid.

    I can remember WR screens going to Brown on Wally's side of the field and Wally just avoiding contact when his one block could have sprung Brown. In contrast, I've seen Manny hustle from the other side of the field to make blocks downfield for backs and WRs.

    The other thing I always see Manny do is block his guy even on running plays that go away from his side of the field. Most WRs take that play off.

    Even if he's a 1 year player, it's crazy to think he'll mail it in like Wally. 1. They're different players. and 2. Manny hasn't established himself - he needs to produce to get paid.

    I'm not sure why Steelers fans don't like this kid better. He plays like we'd want our WRs to play. Unfortunately he's been hampered by a foot injury early on. And his rehab couldn't happen with the team during the offseason due to the labor issues. And then he gets a new coach/system in year 3.

    It's been a tough start to a career. But he's got talent and a clear work ethic. Why would the Pats be willing to give up a 3rd round pick for the kid that's done next to nothing so far? That alone tells me we should have signed him.

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    Ben wins!

    This is okay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aggiebones View Post
    With his injury history, he'd be a fool not to sign a legit deal.

    $2.5m is not alot for a starting WR. What is the draft success rate for 3rders?
    This also guarantees we use most early picks on D, which I think is more important.
    Maybe, but the "Young Money Crew" seem to have taken arrogance to an entirely different level than the Steelers are used to. It appears there are two scenarios here:

    1) The Steelers have rented a known commodity for one year at 2.5 million costing an extra 1.3 million to the cap for that year


    2) The Steelers are going to sign him long term and believe he's a long term solution at WR. Now, as I mentioned in a different thread or maybe earlier in this one, the Steelers typically don't give second contracts to WRs (Ward excluded). If the Steelers get to opening day and Sanders isn't signed, then as Steeler fans we know he probably won't be signed long term (they don't negotiate during the season and Sanders will be UFA).

    Even if option two is in their plans will they have the money to extend Sanders contract? I still think the Steelers are a rudderless ship meandering about this off season. It seems they are reacting rather than acting. I think this is one they didn't plan on occurring. Not many RFAs that have a tender placed on them get offered contracts elsewhere, because typically no one wants to give up the draft pick if the team lets the player walk.


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