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Thread: Bengals working on a deal to sign Harrison

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    That is why you are a fan of the organization and not temporary occupants of a position. The Stelers are eternal, the players aren't because they are all temps. I like players but I realize they will all leave and it is next man up.
    You might be surprised but I agree.
    Now that he is gone, even though some like me wanted him to stay Steeler fans need to hope he DOES NOT make us regret it.
    Despite my predictions that he will make us regret letting him go I hope that I am dead wrong.

    Because when the front office moves are right, that means the team is better, which is all that matters.

    I do not cheer for former Steelers because former Steeler success means we made a bad move.

    I may dislike a move when it is made, but I hope that is was the right move.

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    Odds are Gilby's not gonna be able to block him and he'll fall akwardly on James' leg and end his career.
    LOL, classic, only Flippy type line.

    Seriously though, I remember loving Rod Woodson, but I loved it even more when Hines Ward got in his head and really f'd with him when he played for the Ravens. As much as I love James, I'm gonna love to see a current Steeler put him on his back and run right over him, at him, and through him. Too bad Hines isn't still around cause you know he'd be looking for James earhole the first second he wasn't paying attention.
    Agreed. Except for the Hines part doing that to JH......JH might kill the man given the chance after that.
    JH scares me literally, I do not think the guy is "right" if you know what I mean. I truely think the dude shows signed of roid rage and would not be surprised at ALL if he failed a test given his demeanor and the beef he has packed on. Ward feared not one but I truly think he would not for fear of the "crazy" in JH.

    Still if Hines did it I would approve......I would just fear for the guy.

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    Deebo is my favorite player of all-time. Of course I'll pull for him if he's not playing the Steelers. I don't have to worry about if it makes the FO look bad because I think they look bad in this case anyway. I hope he gets 20 sacks- and the Steelers get 16 wins.

    The landscape of the business has changed so much, but this is like Jack Lambert (my 2nd fav all-time) going to Browns back in the day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Lemming View Post

    Still if Hines did it I would approve......I would just fear for the guy.
    I'd stain my shorts if James looked at me on the football field. But while James is a little crazy, I think Hines is a little crazy too. And I doubt Hines would have any fear. He'd pop up smiling if James hit him.

    There was a good 5-10 year period where everyone wanted to hurt Hines. And it rarely happened.

    Here's a question for you, which Steeler would you least like to take a hit from? In recent history, I think my list would be Farrior, Timmons, Clark, and then Harrison. I'm sure Harrison would take the ball away. I'd be scared as anything I could imagine if he was coming toward me. But the other 3 just destroy guys and I think it would hurt more. James might be more likely to hit me in the head and knock me out but I wouldn't feel that. But I think a typical hit from Farrior would break bones in a non football player. Timmons acceleration, speed, size might kill someone if he hits you squarely. And Clark has a complete disregard for his body and yours.

    James gets this mean tag because his helmet makes the most contact, but he's usually working in smaller spaces so it doesn't seem like it would be as painful.

    I didn't even consider Casey who would probably squash me like a bug.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sugar View Post
    Deebo is my favorite player of all-time.
    It's too hard for me to pick my favorite Steeler of all time. There's so many I change my mind constantly. I feel bad for the teams where it's easy. Even think of other Pittsburgh teams

    Pirates - Clemente and it's not close
    Penguins - Mario and it's not close
    Steelers - I dunno, Ben, Troy, Deebo, Hines, Ham, Mean Joe, Lambert, Bradshaw, Franco, Blount, Woodson - It's a crazy list and I could add more I could argue. It changes for me day to day.

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    AdamSchefter Adam Schefter
    Bengals and former Steelers LB James Harrison continue talking, but as one source texted, "Does not look like the numbers will work."
    about a minute ago

    Pump the brakes on the lovefest between free-agent linebacker James Harrison and the Cincinnati Bengals.

    2013 NFL Draft: Team needs
    Our analysts examine each team's game plan entering the NFL draft, identifying biggest needs, potential fits and more. More ...
    Harrison met with the Bengals on Monday to hammer out a contract, but talks have hit a snag. "It's not going well," a source informed of the process told's Ian Rapoport. Asked by Rapoport to characterize the most recent discussions, the source added, "Doesn't look real good."

    Contract talks ebb and flow. Harrison's representatives still are waiting for another response from the Bengals. It no longer seems inevitable, though, that Harrison will have the chance to take out his hatred on the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2013.

    If Harrison's demands are too high, the Bengals could opt for Plan B. Former Miami Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby still is available after visiting Cincinnati last week.

    Follow Chris Wesseling on Twitter @ChrisWesseling.
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