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Te'o would be a solid pick at 17 and in years to come no one would question it. Look at the level of his play over the 4 years at ND. He got better ever year including areas of deficiency (pass coverage).
Yeah, that is what I learned after learning more about him. First of all, he was tremendously decorated as a high school player. He came into a huge fish bowl as a freshman and started 10 games. As you said, from that great start, he improved every. year. Until his senior year, which we know was almost historic (i.e. winning the Heisman).

I don't know why these other guys are dismissing it as a terrible pick. As I said, I have faith that the FO would investigate his personality sufficiently, that character wouldn't be a worry. As a football player--How could you NOT like a 4-year starting ILB from the University of Notre Dame, who displayed a knack for big-plays that he did?