If Sanders leaves, a WR will probably be drafted early and also in the later rounds (5th or later). Here are a few worth considering. I left out those projected to go higher to limit the discussion. Feel free to add any if like.

Josh Boyce – TCU 5’11” 206lbs 4.3 40 Probably a slot WR. Good in routes, willing blocker.

Aaron Mellette – ELON 6’3” 217lbs 4.45 40 Small school competition, good body use and hands catcher, good routes but takes awhile to get to top speed.

Rodney Smith – Florida State 6’5” 225lbs 4.43 – 4.5 40 Athletic, fast, good blocker, not very physical in contested balls, needs some developing.

Corey Fuller – Virginia Tech 6’2” 204lbs 4.3 -4.4 40 Fast, explosive in/out of cuts, needs development.

Jasper Collins – Mount Union 5’11 190 4.49 40 Div III school, slot WR, good route running, more quick than fast, possible punt returner.

Any favorites?? Selections may be prefaced with who we draft early. If we draft a #1 WR candidate, maybe a slot receiver late or vice versa. I would like to draft Deandre Hopkins in the first then maybe Josh Boyce in the later rounds.