With the draft now 2 weeks away, it's time to organize the good ol' board mock draft. Here's your chance to sign up for a team (or teams) and play GM (for a week-and-a-half, at least). We'll draft a total 3 rounds so that all teams are allowed to play (even teams like Washington and Seattle with no first round pick), with time slots lasting an hour for round one (8 picks to make on each day...Monday through Thursday of next week), then a half hour each for round two and three (16 picks each day leading up to draft day itself).

The teams will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis (with the exception being our Steelers, who will be assigned via lottery). If you sign up for a team, you will get one chance in the Steeler lottery. If you sign up for 2 teams, you will get two chances in the Steeler lottery. I will pick names out of a hat on Sunday afternoon, so pick your teams before noon on Sunday, so that you have a shot at representing our Steelers and making our all-important picks! If teams are still available after that, you can sign up for more than two teams (so I am not just picking for every open team), but of course, the Steeler lottery will be over by then, so you won't get any more chances, obviously.

Trades are allowed among our GM's, but it must be 2012 picks for 2012 picks (no picks in future years and no current players). You can include picks in rounds 4-7 in trades, even though our draft will stop at the end of round three. Just as in real life, compensatory picks are untradeable. Use the standard draft trade value chart to determine fair trades (the points don't need to be exact, but they should be somewhat close to keep things fair). Here is a trade value calculator to help:


If you sign up for a team and will not be near a computer when your team will be picking, you can send me your pick via PM (send me your top several guys you are considering in order, just in case the guy you want gets picked before your turn comes up). If you miss your pick outright, two teams behind you will be allowed to leapfrog you Minnesota Viking style as a penalty. At that point, I will make your pick for you, and we will continue to move forward as scheduled.

Have fun with it! When you make your pick, welcome him to the team...include pics, stats, scouting reports, and even your own personal justification for why you made this particular pick for this particular team.