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Excellent points. Combine him with Miami's Mike James & you get a nice mix of RB's to go with Dwyer/Bradshaw.... and without the high round draft selections to go with it. Could Harper be Mewelde Moore- a specialist 3rd down RB?
He could play that role but they are very different in style.
DJ has some Jets, while Moore is boring but consistent.
DJ can make the ESPN highlight reel, but I can see him getting stuffed alot too.

It's cliche but I would want to get him the ball "in space" at an NFL level to be most effective.

Hows this more like a poor mans Marshall Faulk.

Similar stature and style, but Faulk was WAY better even as a college back.
Lived in Hawaii back then we were in the same conference and Faulk was just ridiculous.
Faulk has WAY more "make you miss" ability, and better vision but their running style is kinda similar.

DJ has good hands too but Faulk was "better than most receivers good."

I feel like I'm saying how different they are, but when I say similar I mean "stylistically" not as good though if that makes sense.