I feel like we have had a little bit of bad luck of late and bad decision making.

Lose to Tebow and the Broncos in the 1st rnd of playoffs= Check

Lose Ben when we were 6-3, on a roll and Ben had talks of MVP= Check

Lose to the Bengals late last year which was our season even though we totally dominated them defensively=check

Ravens win Super Bowl=Check

Denver sends late fax, loses Dumerville...RAVENS SIGN=Check

Lose Mendy, Harrison, Hampton, Wallace, Starks, Colon, Lewis, W Allen with no replacements= Check

Matt Spaeth as our top off season signing=Check

James Harrison gone, looking only at AFC North Teams=Check

E Sanders signs with Pats, down to 1 legit receiver after having NFL's top Receiving crew=Check

Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next on list---We draft another crap O lineman in the first round this year....Bengals sign J Harrison...Bradshaw goes to the Giants---UGGH