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Thread: Harrison to Meet with Bengals

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    Now all we need is to let Ben become a FA and sign with Cleveland.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chadman View Post
    JPN, consider this Chadman purposefully stirring the pot, but what hole did Mendy dig for himself? He has been, far and away, one of the better performed Steeler draft picks from the Tomlin era, discounting 2 injury marred seasons.
    I agree Chadman. He was the best RB option the Steelers had since coming here. The hole was the doghouse. Pile everything on from Twitter to fumbles to not showing up when inactive. The injuries were part of the business. I think he punched his own ticket.
    The "Optimistic" Offseason:
    Taylor, Polamalu, Keisel, & Harrison - Retire
    Cortez Allen & Shamarko Thomas - Steelers Believe They Are Starters
    Cut - C Thomas & L Moore
    Re-Sign Blake, McCain, Golden, W Johnson, & Moats
    Re-Sign Worilds ($6 Mil Avg) OR Sign Derrick Morgan/Jabaal Sheard/Brandon Graham/Pernell McPhee

    2015 Draft:
    1st Danny Shelton NT
    2nd Eli Harold OLB
    3rd Jacoby Glenn CB
    4th Jesse James TE
    5th Matt Jones RB
    6a James Sample S
    6b Ray Drew DE
    7th Kaelin Clay WR

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Pittsburgh View Post
    If that reduced salary was still on the table, Harrison would sign it. It was reported here by the local media that the Steelers made the decision they didn't want him back at all.

    So with them saying they don't want him at any salary, how can you blame him from seeking work no matter the employer, especially considering he didn't get a big contract until late in his career.

    Meanwhile Troy, who has missed more time than Harrison, keeps his full contract amount and same with Ike.
    I don't blame him for seeking work...

    But, if he's angry about playing for a vet min contract with another team, he has only himself and his agent to blame....


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