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Thread: Harrison to Meet with Bengals

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    Raven #2 was week 11. So that would be as the season went on. Showed up big in that game...But depleted his tank. The next 3 weeks (Weeks14-16) of must win football games he went 10 TT & 1 sack. The sack was a botched shotgun snap in the 4th against the Bengals he got credit for when Dalton picked it up and took off running to stay in FG range. Tackled at the LOS by Harrison for a sack of 0 yards. Last meainingless game of season against a Browns team that went home after week 8, he puts together an auditon for a new team. That isn't anything close to impact player. That isn't anything close to the Harrison we knew. He didn't get better as the season went on...He broke down-Down the stretch. It happens to even the best of them. So the Steelers moved on...Like they should have. He didn't want to take reduced salary & a reduced role.

    Harrison didn't show anything that scared the teams the Steelers played last year. Harrison will try and prove a point early. He could very well have one good game in him versus the Steelers. But he is no different than everyone else. If he stays healthy, his body wil break down as the year goes on and he will become a non factor like he did down the stretch for the Steelers. The arrow is pointin down and nothing will change it.

    I don't blame him going to play somewhere else if he thinks he can still play. He will always be one of my favorites. Wish him well and hope he finds success. I just support the decision the Steelers made.
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