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Agree. It makes me laugh how everyone thinks Harrison is still the DPOY. He has been nothing more than an average OLB the past two years and will be the same for whoever he signs with.
Harrison, misses entire month of Sept, played half the season recovering has 70 tackles and 6 sacks

D. Ware, Probowl olb with 56 tackles 11 sacks plays all 16 games
R Mathis Probowl olb with 33 tackles and 8 sacks plays 12 games

70 tackles in 12 games aint average in a 3/4.

But get this:

Last 7 games Harrison not only had more tackles than every AFC Probowl OLBer, but had MORE SACKS than any AFC probowl OLBer with the exception of Von Miller.

The last 7 games, Harrison EASILY played at a Probowl level outperforming his competition.

All Harrison needs to do is avoid injury, and the dude was GETTING STRONGER as the season wore on.