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It's not a big loss, but the cumulative effect of what has gone on this off season will leave an offense needing to fill the following positions, #1 WR, #3 WR, #1 RB and #1 TE not to mention an offensive line that was often injured last year. Fans hope DeCastro is everything they've heard, Gilbert injured more Steelers than opponents, Starks isn't coming back, colon is gone, Adams showed some signs, bur was injured as well, Foster and Pouncey were constant. The offense didn't need to replace another player, but it certainly looks as if that is the case.

Not to mention this almost forces them into a WR at 1.17 and certainly by 2.49 a WR has to be taken and then one later in the draft. Brown, Cotchery, Burris, practice squad receivers and rookies is a losing proposition in my book in a league that is pass happy.

It's going to be a long 2 years (maybe longer) for the black and gold, IMO.

I followed and pulled for this team through the 80's. I can do it again if needed.