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Thread: Pats sign Sanders

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    If the amount to match is 1.3 m. I think the Steelers are crazy to let Sanders go. Without Wallace in front of him, he will be able to show his full range of talents. He career stats might be somewhat modest, because he was behind Brown and Wallace and was overcoming injuries. Patriots stay on this guy because they see his ability, which will bloom in the future. A rookie receiver is an unknown. Many a good college receiver has bombed out in the NFL.

    Cotchery and Plax are on the downside and a rookie is an unknown. Breaston's injury situation is worse than Sanders. I guess the fans want to see the Steelers fail. They have already lost a lot from last year's team. They need to stem the tide and retain Sanders.

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    If the offer sheet is for only $2.5 million as being reported then the Steelers have to match that deal and try to work out an extension with Manny this summer. There is already 1.23 wrapped up in the tender so that would add only another 1.3 which would cause the Steelers to do no more restructures. Sanders is worth 2.5 and the team would not get the production out of a rookie as they would Manny. He's the best route runner on the team. Plus the team needs to draft another playmaker anyways. I don't want to see them have to draft two WR's in the first 4 rounds.
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    Agree 100% to the last two posts. Very well stated.

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    everybody wants to pony up the extra money to keep sanders. why, so he can leave next yea via wallace?
    everybody wants to pony up the extra money to keep sanders. how, by restructuring more bad contracts so we can be in the same situation we are in now?
    everybody wants to pony up the extra money for sanders and extend him. how, we barely have any money now, a new deal will most definitely cost us more than the one year matching offer.
    i say take the pick.

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    I think I'd chose an up and coming young player that proved he can play in the league over a 3rd round draft pick that has a 30% chance of ever becoming a starter. The Pats probably know the success rate of 3rd round draft picks and are choosing to take their chances by attempting to sign Sanders. If the finances are there the Steelers will probably match the Pats offer.

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    IMO Eifert or Ertz just became more valuable to us. They would draw Safety coverage and would open up space for our WRs. Maybe that is what Haley has been planning
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    Sign him and then extend him before training camp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DukieBoy View Post
    Sign him and then extend him before training camp.

    Hopefully that will happen. I wonder what Ben is thinking about now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by supersteeler View Post
    Hopefully that will happen. I wonder what Ben is thinking about now?
    He’s probably rummaging around frantically for Cedric Wilson’s phone number

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    take the pick.

    draft darick rogers in the 3rd. In a year, you might have a true #1, which we don't right now. You can probably sign a cheap FA and get 80% of sanders production. We aren't winning a championship next year anyways, IMO. A deep WR class makes this even easier to swallow.

    if they are intent on turning the roster over, this one is a no brainer.


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