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Thread: You can take Allen off Steelers 1st round mock..

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    Sweed's problems were mental, he had all the tools physically. IMO, Allen is tough mentally and has the tools.

    Mayock said it best, he is a 4.5 guy on tape and will likely go somewhere late in round 1 or early in round 2. If he fell to us he would be a steal.

    Another AS masterpiece.

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    To me he looks like a slightly taller and slightly leaner Hines Ward. That should make him about a 3rd round prospect. Maybe he goes a little higher because you can't touch a WR and with his decent size, he should be a good redzone target.

    Might be a good round 2 target.

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    His game was never his speed. He is pretty polished and will win most one on ones. The only concern I have with him is he reminds me alot of Michael Clayton from LSU coming out. Enough speed for the college level but excels because of his size and other skills. That doesn't mean he won't be productive in the NFL like Clayton. He may be a 600 start to 1,100 peak before he declines. Just may not be an elite #1. May be disappointed if you take him in the 1st but a solid pick if you take him in the 2nd.
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    IMO, Allen would compliment Ben's style perfectly. He has spent his college career getting open as plays break down, and he goes after the ball aggressively.

    You never really know until they actually play in the NFL, but I have a feeling he would flourish with an accurate QB like Ben.

    Another AS masterpiece.


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