A first rounder will be picked who is either A) Ready to replace a current pencilled in starter, or B) Is being groomed to take over for an aging vet

Going by those two guidelines, we are either looking at:

A) OG (Foster), WR (Sanders/Cotch/Burress), OLB (Worilds), ILB (Foote), NT (whoever is pencilled in to start)

B) TE (Miller), S (both Troy and Clark), CB (Ike/Gay)

Only a tackle if something big like a top 3 dropping, or they are planning on moving Gilbert inside.

Near future determined at: C, RG, at least one OT, QB, 1 ILB spot, 1 OLB spot, DE, 1 CB spot

Not good enough prospects in first round to draft: C, OT beyond top 3, RB, and the standard P, K, LS....could you imagine a first round long snapper? He probably would start right away so why not?