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Thread: Big Ben on Wallace: Steelers will miss him, Dolphins are lucky

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chadman View Post
    There were reports Wallace wanted "top 10'" money, and there were reports he was close to signing but the sticking point was the guarenteed money. Believe what you prefer, but had the Steelers & Wallace been able to agree on the guarenteed portion of the contract offer- he would have signed.

    As to if he is 'worth' the money he is on- market forces decide that. Is Ben worth $100m? Is Flacco worth more? If Flacco had gone into FA, would he be worth more than what he signed for? Obviously Wallace & his agent had some idea what HE was worth in FA. You can't say he isn't worth it, if there were people willing to pay it.

    Chadman understands Lemming's point that he doesn't believe WR's are worth that kind of money. That's ok, not going to dispute that. But if we are about to argue that Wallace isn't worthy of the money in his contract, surely we can argue the worth of the guy the Steelers did pay.
    I'll admit I was disappointed with Brown and Wallace last year.

    But would I RATHER pay Brown than give Wallace more than "our entire receiving roster" will get next year.
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