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Thread: Do not be fooled! Jarvis Jones is elite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelerOfDeVille View Post
    You guys realize that one of the future rule changes doesn't involve "no defense" on the field... It's as if people think, "2013-2014 or bust... who cares if we don't have a defense in 2015 or 2016"..

    Re-read what ruthless said JPN... both were "need", but, one was "immediate", the other was "long-term". I would draft long term... that's the BPA philosophy, right? "We have Willie Parker, he's decent, but, Mendy's on the board and a top 10 talent, by many"... give it a shot...

    Specific players out of the equation for a moment...

    If there was an all-pro, hall-of fame, player that wouldn't start this year to be had at 1.17, I'd take him in a heartbeat, regardless of position. I care about the team being good EVERY year...

    Next player example...
    Many fans were ticked that the team didn't take Bryant Johnson the year they selected Polamalu. That year, he looked to be a solid up-and-comer, and quite possibly could have rocked with Big Ben as his QB... many years later, it's not even close. That's the pick I'd make over and over and over again... without hesitation... "long-term-solution", not flavor of the week.

    Now, if you're convinced that Eifert will be an All Pro for a decade to come, sign me up... I just haven't seen that out of him, IMO.
    Both were needs and both were long term & immediate. The Steelers had aging veterans Alexander and Logan on the roster up for contracts. They drafted Hope the year before. Much like this year. Edwards was a swing and miss. But like my response to RB ... Sometimes a need works out.

    You said the reason why I don't want Jones. I don't think he will be a hall of fame 3-4 OLB. I think he will be a disappointment based on a #17 pick.

    You can look at all my post. Everyone in here knows I'm about long term. My mocks are about long term. And that is another reason I'm not wasting a 1st on Jones. Worlds was drafted for the "future" when they moved on from Harrison. Time to use the investment. If Worilds booms...Wasted pick. You take a kid in the 2-4 range like a Collins, Lemonier, Williams, or a Simon. That's your insurance and depth. You use that pick to replace the depleted offensive production. You use that pick on a S who you will need for next year. Last resort...You use that pick on an ILB.

    I will be the first one on here to say I was wrong if they pick him at #17. How many of you are confident men you will come on here and do the same if Jones is on the board and they trade back or go another direction? We will see.
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