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AND if trend continues he will be 25-26 before he starts. A 1st rounder for a kid who will play ST unless there is an injury...I'm not taking him at 17.

I know you are high on him Dub but after his workout and what we heard about him...I went back to the tape. There is speed lag now that you look for it. He didn't work out well in LB drills. With his health concerns and how he struggles at the point of attack against the run...He doesn't scream "Steeler 1st rounder" to me. They were talking about Jones on NFL Network last night because Brandt dropped him out of the first too just like Moore after his poor workouts. Its funny that "some" people in here kick Moore in the gut down the road after what he did but Jones doesn't get the same treatment.

There just really isn't a day 1 OLB we could get at #17. I know Jones played 3-4 OLB but he didn't play 3-4 Steelers OLB. He was in attack mode 90% of the time & when he did drop it was to a zone. After looking at them all hard, the one with the most UPSIDE that could fit what the Steelers like is Mingo. Mingo has to get stronger and he won't see the field his rookie year unless there is an injury. You look at Jordan, Ansah, & Werner. Can they play 3-4 OLB? I think they could but it won't be day 1 for the Steelers. The problem with them is they look so good with their hand in the dirt a 4-3 team will jump all over them because they are a day 1 plug & play at that spot. Their value is much higher on their board than the Steelers.

I'm not saying this to get the Jones camp stirred up. It is MY opionion based on what the Steelers do. When I put my GM hat on and look internally I look at that position as a need but not as a 1st. If the questions were answered about Worilds it would be easier know what direction. If Woodley & Worilds give you double digit sacks in 2013 & you draft Jones...You really might have wasted a 1st round pick. They will select a OLB in rounds 2-4 IMO, so if Worilds doesn't produce or Woodley doesn't get back to form...You have something to work with. It is a certainty that they need 1 or 2 safeties for 2014. They also need a WR, TE, RB now. They may decide to address ILB like Spence isn't here. They made their investment to replace Harrison...Time to get a return on that investment. There is no RB worthy of a 1st round pick. I truely feel that a pick in the 1st at WR, S, TE, & ILB all help the Steelers sooner than later over OLB. Some as fast as Day 1 or mid season. If I'm wrong...I will say I am wrong. That just won't happen until the card is turned in.
Sorry JPN, 24.5 tackles for loss, and 14.5 sacks in the SEC does not translate to "speed lag." Some players just play quicker than they run a straight line. Jarvis Jones may run a straight line like a turtle but he plays like a beast who is very quick.