Anyone who wants to focus on his workouts and 40 time as being a bad thing and cause for concern is foolish. One only needs to put on the hi-lights of his play in the SEC to see that he is a game changer on the field. Break it down 14.5 sacks, another 10 more tackles for loss, 1 INT, and 7 forced fumbles. Think about it. That is nearly 33 splash plays in one season from a defensive player. And he did it at the highest level of competition in all of college football, the SEC. Go put on the game tape versus the vaunted Alabama offensive line this past year. He was getting after A.J. McCarron all game long. He was the dominate force in those match-ups.

If the Steelers are lucky to have him there at 17, it is a no-brainier. Jarvis Jones is that rare player who plays better than he works out. And the quality of that play on the field during actual games is at an elite level. He played OLB in a 3-4 at Georgia. It is a no-brainier.