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Thread: Tavon Austin scares me

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    If we are getting a target for Ben to throw to, give me TE Tyler Eifert.....


    Very tough in a crowd, showing strong hands to make contested catches and a physical demeanor to come down with the ball in tight spaces. Tall, lean frame. Lines up with his hand down, in an H-back role, in the slot and outside. Threatens the seam with his long strides off the snap, takes a lot of hits across the middle and bounces up. Nice job gaining position in coverage with very good footwork, taking pride in his routes and showing much improvement in this area. Elevates well to go up and attack the ball, just needs an opportunity and chances are he’ll come down with it – very good at mid-air adjustments, making a lot of catches with his feet off the ground. Uses his height, length and strong hands to snatch passes out of the air. Flashes quick feet on out-cuts to be an effective safety valve. Fights through arm tackles to get extra yardage. Gets off the line effectively from a three-point stance, can shimmy past a defender near the line to get into his route. Gives effort as an in-line blocker, uses his length to hold off defensive ends, uses agility to get angle and create outside running lane. Also works hard to prevent defenders from reaching teammates downfield. Productive in his three seasons, leaving Notre Dame with just about every school receiving record for a TE including catches (140) and receiving yards (1,840).

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    Quote Originally Posted by blacknblue80s View Post
    Quinton Patton is similar to Hines from what I've read and he's a round 2 prospect.
    I really like Patton and I hope the Steelers find a way to draft him in the second. If Austin is the pick, that gives us 3 smallish WRs. I know we have Plex but it would be nice to have a larger WR as one of the top 3. Although as I say this, Patton is 6' and 204 so he's not huge but is a very willing blocker as well as having good hands.
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    6. (comp) Shaquil Barrett OLB Colorado State
    7. Quincy Enunwa WR Nebraska

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    I do NOT want anything to do with Austin in the 1st round.

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    I would draft Tavon Austin in Rd 2 in a heart beat.

    Not many 5'9" WRs are drafted in Rd 1. But with flag football played nowadays some team will roll the dice on Tavon Austin in Rd 1.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    Sounds like you are describing Tyler Eifert, a "huge" "receiver" with great body control and the ability to overpower defenders.

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    I wouldn't touch Austin in round 1. But I do see the NFL changing and WRs have all the advantage. Technically, no one should be able to touch him and he is electrifying, but still, someone would touch him and he could easily be done that one hit.

    I do think someone will end up taking him in round 1 for that very reason. Probably the Pats.

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    Ok, funny, yeah I like the Eifert kid too although I wouldn't be unhappy with Ertz in round two. I'm just glad I'm not the only one that will groan a little bit if we pick him in the first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ramblinjim View Post
    Ok, funny, yeah I like the Eifert kid too although I wouldn't be unhappy with Ertz in round two. I'm just glad I'm not the only one that will groan a little bit if we pick him in the first.
    Sorry Jim, it's not you, it's the whole Eifert or bust argument without reason that some peeps make...

    Ertz in the 2nd would be better than Eifert in the first... i wouldn't totally groan at that because he's a better pass catcher than Eifert... furthermore, i don't see the point in a first round, starter quality TE when the team doesn't have one starter quality RB and only one starter quality ILB and Worilds is TBD (at a minimum, he needs competition)... Spaeth at TE is on the level of Foote at LB... Except, by mid-season, Spaeth will have a replacement... Foote needs one as well...
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    Anyone prefer Eifert over Austin? I think I should make a thread about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz View Post
    Anyone prefer Eifert over Austin? I think I should make a thread about it.
    LMAO - too funny!!
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