From the mocks I've read here and outside of the board OLB, Safety, and WR seem to be the popular picks among the fans.
As we are aware RB is a need position, but it depends on how things work out with Ahmad Bradshaw, signing him reduce's the need to draft one early.
Even if we don't sign Bradshaw I don't see us taking a back at 17 unless Lacy is there where they might be tempted, but could be gun shy after the Mendy situation.

WR could be a popular pick but is there one out there that is a sure fire impact player? Most prospects are just that, what they accomplished in college might not translate to the Pro game. It appears WR is a deep position where we could get a decent one later in the draft, so in that sense I would take WR off the board @17.

With the age of our Safety's this position looks to be in the forefront with some fans but again is the dropoff that much between picking one in round one or two that much difference? I think we could say that about most positions, so that's where BPA probably comes into play for the Steelers.

I think the Steelers are set with Worlids taking over at OLB for Harrison, the fact they were looking at Butler may indicate they aren't totally sold on Worlids and wanted some competition or at least better depth than they currently have. OLB could be the position they target if the prospect is considered to be the best in his class.

I have no idea who we'll pick in round one, and think no one really can say they do since we have so many positions to fill, it's a guessing game so I'm going to play that game in that I have two positions in mind not mentioned as much.

Looking at our D-line I'm not sure the Steelers are confident up front, we spent two #1's on DE Hood and Heyward so they probably will let that playout before drafting that same position early. We have Mclendon slated as the starter at NT along with Ta'amu and Fangupo. Problem is Ta'amu and his legal issue's aren't settled yet and we really don't know much about fangupo, so it's back to Mclendon. Are the Steelers confident in him considering his weakness in the run game, and Jason Worlids also a weakness in that area making our defense susceptible to getting gashed in the run game?
I wouldn't discount NT being considered in the Steelers plans although it's not in the forefront right now.

Looking at our CB situation Ike Taylor is similar to the safety position where we will need a replacement in the next two years, considering we can't count on Brown to up his game so that position could be in the top of their list too especially if they can get a good one like Trufant or Rhodes.

In conclusion, I'll go out on a limb here and think either CB or NT will be the Steelers pick in round one, I didn't mention Eifert because he would be my pick now but don't think the Steelers would pick him.
Good CB's are a premium position right below QB so when a team has an opportunity to get one usually they grab him, in this case that may be their pick at 17.

Your turn.