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The play-call was garbage, having Heath in the backfield was garbage, it was 3rd and 4 and he's lined up in the backffield with Ben. So he has to run 9 yards, to gain 4.

Redman was blocking on the play also, so there was no dumpoff for Ben either.

If people don't want Ben to step up in the pocket? He's of no use to this team.

Trade him and start Gradkowski.

The facts speak for themselves. Hiring outsiders as OC has been a recipe for disaster for DECADES.

Don't shoot the messenger.
It's always someone else's fault and never Ben. Regardless of the play call, the ball should have been thrown away long before he took the hit. The play was doomed frm the start, bad play call, poor execution, poor planning, wrong situation, etc., the best thing to do there is to live and fight another day rather than get hit and not be able to fight for 3 weeks. That wasn't one of those plays that Ben makes, he had no escape route to get outside the pocket, throw it into the ground or into the cheap seats (he's got a strong arm) and live for the next play not die for the next three games.