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again, read the post above... it happens everywhere... the steelers are actually pretty well above average when it comes to finding players...
Yea, but you didn't mention this:

The Steelers have only drafted nine Pro Bowl players, including two between rounds five and seven. However, even more surprising is that Pittsburgh has only drafted four All-Pro players. Only 16 teams had fewer All-Pro players than the Steelers, despite Pittsburgh having above-average success in recent years.
So they have found some starters, but they are not special or even above average. Good coaching and gameplanning can make a difference. Again, I point to what Lake has done with the CBs in such a short time. Between rumored locker room issues, player misconduct, and young money attitudes, I fear the HC has failed to instill the proper atmosphere around the team. Maybe the drafting has contributed by taking 'risky' players, who knows. Every season is different, and Tomlin is likely still learning how to handle adversity. I am not ready to run him out of town yet, but there is room for improvement.