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while the 2008 Arizona Cardinals offense under Todd Haley ranked 3rd out of 32 NFL teams in points scored, the defense ranked 28th out of 32 teams in points allowed.

do you wanna play Haley for that too?
You want to give give Haley credit for scoring 35 points against the Jets that year and racking up 468 yards of offense, in a game that they TRAILED 34-0 at the half?

They were trailing the Giants 34-19 and scored 10 points in garbage time.

Got humiliated by the Pats, scored 7 points that week.

Fell behind 31-7 to the Eagles before they added 13 more points in trash time that week.

Trailed Minnesota 28-0 at the half.

See a pattern here?

Easy to pile up points and yards when defenses back off with a big lead.